Industrial Design


Senior Capstone Project

A simplified and portable breast pump set targeted to help working moms by meeting their needs of time-efficiency, organization and portability.

Breast milk is, without doubt, the best source of nutrition for newborns. It's beneficial to babies' growth, development, immunity, and overall health in a way incomparable to breast milk substitutes such as infant formulas and animal milk.

According to the 2013 data and statistics provided by the Women's Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, there are 31 million mothers with children under 18 in the US and about 70% of them participate in the labor force. In order to provide healthy nutrition to the babies while working, working mothers utilize breast pumps in which are used to express breast milk so they can store extra milk and feed the babies later. 

Unfortunately, breast pumps have not changed much since 1956. Current products do not meet the needs of working mothers: time-efficiency, organization and portability. On average, milk needs to be expressed every 3-4 hours for the duration of 10-15 minutes. Breaks at work are generally 10-15 minutes. Considering set-up and clean-up times, that is definitely not enough time. Furthermore, current products consist of too many parts and pieces that make assembly difficult and time-consuming. Consequently, organization and portability seem like two ambitious goals to achieve.

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Moyu is a simplified and portable breast pump set, which includes stackable breast shields, compact connectors with built-in valve, and a thermos that contains all the parts and milk. Easy-to-assemble parts allow fast set-up and clean-up, enabling cleaner organization and better portability. Additionally, the thermos prevents milk spoilage during commute.